Our Story

Florije is a beauty (makeup) Influencer. Born in Prishtinë, Kosova. Living in the USA, with previous experience as a Beauty salon owner. Background in beauty industry fueled by makeup passion, forever grateful. She roots for loving yourself and using simple makeup to enhance your beautiful face features. She is an inspiration in her ability to influence and motivate others worldwide.


At the age of six years old she loved beauty, taking care of her self and loves what makeup can do to enhance the look and mood.  Florije's mom and her aunt’s daughter was her beauty inspiration at age 6, aunt's daughter would put makeup on herself and Florije and go have girls tea time in neighborhood and show to her friends the make up she did on Florije. Florije said “it felt beautiful to see their reaction to my makeup look” and also when looking at my self in the mirror was a dream. Fast forward many many years while being in the beauty industry she decided to have her cosmetic lipstick line.






BEAUTY BY FLORIJE LLC is More then just another beauty product. 


 Mission statement: Unleash your inner and outer beauty: Embrace the power of makeup, and self love.



BEAUTY BY FLORIJE LLC Detailed Mission is:

Mission is to remind you to look and feel at your best potential by first accepting your outer look insecurities while figuring out your deep-inner self, discovering yourself with self care helps knowing what you truly want to feel, then gradually changing what you don't like about you. Everything starts within you, at the root. Life is beautiful, everyone deserves joy to look and feel beautiful. 

By encouraging you to begin or continue taking care of yourself to enhance outer beauty features you already have it does increase your self-worth, using as simple as lipgloss/lipstick to keep your lips looking good. I strongly believe when you look good you feel good, when you feel good you look good.

Self care creates self-awareness, this is very micro steps starting the day with a positive attitude in a long run helps you with “good mental health”  your path which leads to understanding deep inner “YOU”, the version of “YOU” that when you close your eyes only you can see first no one else can, and that my friend, that makes you smile.


Thank You For Supporting The Community😊


Beauty By Florije LLC

Short Summary of My Beauty Journey